How Corporate Relationships Can Help Further Your Nonprofit's Mission

If you want to maximize your time invested in building relationships and getting a lot out of them, then corporate relationships should be considered a priority. Most companies today want to give back to the community and you can be the one to help them do just that. What can corporations offer in terms of furthering your mission?

1. Reputation- Partnering with a good brand reflects well on your nonprofit and lends an air of credibility. If your organization is new or not well known, this strategy can position you favorably.

2. Volunteers- Many companies even pay nonprofits to have their employees volunteer their time and encourage ongoing and regular days to give back. Volunteering can be a great first step to pull people into your mission and get them hooked.

3. New fans- Volunteering with your organization means some people will get passionate about your cause. You can cultivate these new fans into donors, committee members, board members and other ambassador type roles in the community.

4. Publicity- Since corporations are making their social responsibility campaigns a bigger part of their company culture, the social media and press surrounding these endeavors is serious. Capitalize on their typically larger reach and get your name out there.

These are only a handful of reasons to work on your corporate relationships. I'd love to talk to you about engaging meaningfully to better impact your community. Contact me here to talk more!

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