A Small Investment in Coaching Can Make a Big Impact

Successfully running a nonprofit or program means wearing a lot of hats and being able to exercise a wide variety of skill sets. It can be difficult to execute at the level you would like in all these areas. How can a coach help you up your game?

1. A coach can fill in your knowledge gaps. With so much to know, having a seasoned guide can provide customized information for you and your organization in an efficient way.

2. A coach can keep you focused. There is so much that can be worked on, but a good advisor will keep you on track and in line with the mission of your organization. Holding you accountable will help your productivity and follow through.

3. A coach can act as a sounding board. Sometimes it's tough when you are the founder or have a small staff; you might not have someone to bounce ideas off of. Having an experienced collaborator can help talk through difficulties or expand a dream project without worrying about how your staff or board will view you.

These are just a few of the many reasons why executive coaching can be a great opportunity for a nonprofit or small business leader. I'd love to talk to you more about being more productive and helping your organizations succeed: just contact me.

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